dream team —sabitsuki and usotsuki—


The snow was cold, wet, and very unappealing to many people. It surely wasn’t to Usotsuki. It reminded her of the Snow World. Unlike the snow in her dreams though, this snow caused some problems. The liar couldn’t stay out for as long as she could while asleep. After all, this wasn’t a dream.

It wasn’t the same predicament as before either.

At home, Usotsuki had been locked away in her bedroom. She couldn’t leave, she couldn’t talk to anyone. She was just in her room, and occasionaly given food by her family. But here, it was so different. She could go outside, she could actually interact with other people. Hell, if she felt like it, murder was an actual option at this school. For now though, her mind wasn’t on murder, and it was focused on going outside.

That is, until she noticed a certain white-haired girl in the hallway.

Usotsuki knew her. She just… didn’t bother to remember her name. That’s all. Besides, the only way she knew the other was because of Monotwitter. Another thing the blonde remembered was that this girl had said she was more annoying then someone named Smile. Of course, she decided to move right next to her though, and try to start a conversation. Why not try to prove she wasn’t annoying?

"Hey," She began, smiling at the other. "Do you remember me?" Yes, because that doesn’t sound strange at all.


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;;Potential friend? { Closed RP }


He assumed everyone was in the same state of mind as this gal, and it just made more solid his thoughts about how weak and unstable everyone in this place were —— He was one to talk, it didn’t matter how collected and careless he’d look, the player could be changed just as quickly as the toy’s words affected the others by just the hint of a worth opponent.

Once this would officially start, it would be so interesting to see if there was actually someone with the guts enough to kill. Desperate enough to do it and to get their hands dirty just in order to ‘graduate’ and get to see their relatives —- or whatever —- again. Amongst all of these students, there had to be one whose mind will be affected greatly.


They could get easily driven by emotions after all, and if the panic controlled them, they would be able to do something that’d be a sin in their eyes. The most innocent one could become a danger. That’s what he wanted to see, everyone in panic at its finest, being easily controlled by a stuffed toy.

"I wasn’t talking to anyone in particular so shut up. Who are  anyway?"

Assuming everyone was in the same state of mind as Usotsuki was one hundred percent wrong. After all, in an academy of elite students, how many of them could end up being as deranged as a liar who blugens things with a nail bat? Sure, there must be more crazy people then the blonde residing here. Obviously, one wouldn’t know who until it was revealed. They could have just walked past her. Nonetheless, none of that really mattered at the time. Everyone had the same goal, right? So, why did sanity play a role into that? It didn’t.

Anyway, back to the main focus.

Ah yes, the boy in front of her. To Usotsuki, he looked completely normal. Was he normal? Probably not, seeing how this academy was full of different kinds of people. Normal or not, the liar had already made up her mind. She was going to befriend this guy, and maybe she would end up stabbing him in the back. Maybe she wouldn’t. Either way, she tuned into his talking once more. Huh, looks like he was speaking to her now.

"I wasn’t talking to anyone in particular, so shut up. Who are you anyway?"

Wow, rude.

Placing her hands on her hips, Usotsuki’s smile quickly changed into a frown. What did she say wrong? No one did care about what he had been ranting about, so why did he seem mad? She was just telling the truth! For once, deciding to answer his question, Usotsuki cleared her throat, plastering that grin onto her lips again.

"The name’s Usotsuki, and you are?"

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;;Potential friend? { Closed RP }



To see most of the students with such amusing expression’s on their faces, to see them react so negatively at hearing the word killing, it was truly entertaining to one point. Of course, he was somewhat in the same position as everyone, but his priorities were different. If he stayed here for too long, it would eventually get boring and monotonous —- He had a limit and to be bored all the time, imprisoned in this school could irritate him greatly if he actually started to think more (or kill) about the situation.

Leaning against the wall, the child stayed quiet for a moment, tilting his head to a side as he stared deeply at the passerby. He understood the fact that inexperienced ones could grow way too attached to each other, and thus, making themselves even more weak than they already were, but such exaggerated looks and even sounds.


”Is it really necessary to react like this? You know, reacting like it’s a dead end for you when it’s not? Or something like that?” No Kousuke, you can’t preach like that.

It was one day. One day, and what happens? Nothing interesting, besides being locked inside an academy, only to be told you couldn’t graduate without commiting murder. Not that the concept bothered the liar, it just felt kind of… boring. It seemed like something out of some old fashioned horror film… well, if you decided to take out the masked murderer and replace him with high school kids. Elite high school students. Usotsuki knew everyone here apparently had a special title. Since the blonde didn’t know if any of them had titles concerning murder, she decided to take a stroll around the halls. During this, she merely inspected the faces and actions of others, looking for warning signals.

That is, until someone in the halls spoke up.

How strange. It didn’t seem like this boy was speaking to anyone in particular. All he was doing was preaching about reactions to dead ends, or something like that. Besides his small speech, something else caught the liar’s attention about this guy. She didn’t know what, she didn’t really care. Deciding to put a smile onto her face, Usotsuki cleared her throat.

"Hey!" She spoke cheerfully, keeping that smile plastered onto her lips. "I don’t think anyone cares about what you just said." Yes Usotsuki, telling someone no one cares about what they say will obviously make you become friends.